Let's face it, compared to most states, Iowa seems pretty flat. It doesn't have any mountains, or large rolling hills, like its neighbor to the west, South Dakota. The closest thing the Hawkeye state has in comparison would be the Loess Hills, which are beautiful, but not very big compared to what other states offer.

The Hawkeye State isn't as flat as you might believe though. Surprisingly, the flattest state in the country? Florida. Iowa has some spots that are higher in elevation than one might think and the highest point in the whole state is in nearby Osceola County.

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The township of Wilson is where you can find Hawkeye Point, Iowa's highest elevation point. It's 1670 feet above sea level, so we're not talking about Mount Everest here, but it remains a point of pride for people who live nearby and a fun place to visit.

The land was privately owned at one point in time by the Sterler family, who then donated it in 2008 to Osceola County. The property is open to the public, and upon arrival, you will find an informational kiosk detailing the history of Hawkeye Point, as well as a variety of markers indicating the other 49 states and their highest elevation points.

If you want to visit Hawkeye Point, it's pretty easy to find. If you're coming from the Sioux Falls area, just hop on IA-9 and you'll be there in a little over 20 minutes. You can find out more information on Hawkeye Point by visiting the Osceola County website.

13 Famous Iowans

It's a great day for Iowans. The first ever Major League Baseball game was played in Dyersville, Iowa last night (August 12) in The Field of Dreams game and it was awesome!

What a great way to showcase a beautiful state and celebrate the hospitality of Iowans.

Iowa may seem far away from Tinsel Town, but The Hawkeye State has produced many famous actors, musicians, and athletes!

The following 13 are just the tip of the iceberg!

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