When it comes to finding a great burger joint in the twin cities, there are many places to go to. But if you want to try a place that specializes in the "Juicy Lucy," then you need to check out the Blue Door Pub.

After opening their doors in St. Paul in 2008, the blue door Pub now has 4 locations within the city limits. They call their Jucy Lucy a "Blucy," which has served as a catalyst to bring other like-minded burger aficionados together, making the Blue Door what it is today.

Recently I made a trip up to Minneapolis and every time I go up there I have to get one of their burgers. This time around, I swung by their new location on Lyndale Ave and I ordered the Horsekick Blucy!


This burger comes with bleu cheese & cream cheese blend, onion strings, horsekick sauce, and au jus. Add deep-fried green beans and you are good to go! My girlfriend ordered the Lyn-Laker.


This one features white cheddar, dill, lingonberry jam, cucumber, warm-spice aioli. At the Blue Door Pub, you could basically get state-fair type food done in a more gourmet setting. So the next time you head up to the twin cities, I highly recommend making a stop at any of the Blue Door Pub locations. You won't be disappointed!