Look Out for This New Tweak in Counterfeit Bills in Sioux Falls.  Size matters.

Fake one hundred dollar bills were reported by a business near 12th and Willow yesterday night (Wednesday November 14) around 8:00 PM. The clerk asked the person presenting the bills, who claimed he wasn’t aware they were counterfeit. Police say the bills were smaller in size than the legitimate currency.

Another fake one hundred dollar bill was passed during a transaction near East 10th and Chapel Hill Road just after 10:00 PM. According to Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens, those bills were discovered after the person had left, and there was no description of the possible suspect.

Previous fake bills have been detected by the texture of the bill, the color of the ink or the missing watermarks and embedded designs. This is the first recent report that indicated the size was an indicator of the fake bills.

Denominations of the counterfeit money have been as low as five dollars, up to one hundred dollar bills.

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