I was working at KKAA radio in Aberdeen, South Dakota when I first was introduced to Lacy J. Dalton.

Oh, not literally introduced.  I've never met the lady.  But I've always felt you can get to know an artist through the songs they write and sing.

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So then, in 1980 I was introduced to Lacy J. Dalton through her first major hit, Hard Times. It kind of, I don't know...put things into perspective.  If you haven't heard it, I have a treat for you.  If you remember it, let's enjoy it again.

It's always hard to tell if a 'new artist' has staying power.  I've heard it said that, as hard as it is to make it to the top, it's even harder to stay there.  So, would Lacy J. Dalton be a proverbial One Hit Wonder?

Absolutely not.  With nearly 20 chart singles including several Top 10's, Lacy J. Dalton was one of the biggest Country stars of the decade.1981's 'Takin' It Easy' solidified her position in Country Music.

But truth be known, my all-time favorite of Lacy became the all-time favorite of millions of country music fans, 16th Avenue from 1982.  It's one of those songs (and there aren't many) that I can listen to over and over all these many years later.

So...whatever happened to country star Lacy J. Dalton?

Well according to her official website, at the age of 75 years young, this Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania native is doing just fine and still writing, recording, and playing shows.  She lives in Nevada with her beloved dogs and horses.

Now that's what I call great news!


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