It's hard to think about the agriculture industry without thinking of John Deere. They've been one of the leaders in ag for so long that we almost take a company like Deere for granted.

That being said, John Deere has some exciting things coming your way; we caught up with three of their experts at NAFB to tell us all about what you can expect from them in the coming months.

First, we sat down with John Mishler. John is the Tactical Marketing Manager for Precision Ag. We spoke with John about the company's new Autopath and got some details on how it will help farmers.

We then had a conversation with Matt Badding. Matt is the Product and Marketing Manager for Harvesting Equipment. We spoke in detail about the X9 Combine and what separates it from its predecessors.

Lastly, we spoke with Chris Borgman. Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Hay Forage Equipment. We also spoke with Chris about some exciting developments and products in his field.

All three of these interviews can be found in the audio clips provided below.

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