The National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) held its conference virtually this year and all of the biggest names in agriculture were on hand, including the global agricultural technology company, Syngenta.

In two separate interviews, I was able to speak with some of the experts at Syngenta about a variety of topics.

First I spoke with Andy Heggenstaller, Syngenta Seeds head of agronomy, along with John Koenig, insecticide technical lead, Syngenta. This interview focused solely on corn rootworm and what the best options are in handling the devastating pest. We discussed where some of the corn rootworm pressure areas were in 2020 and how farmers can write a season-long plan to manage this pest.

In the second interview, I spoke with Andy Ackley, Golden Harvest's Corn Product manager of its East Commercial Unit. We spoke about Golden Harvest's 2020 corn and soybean harvest results from across the Midwest, as well as their 2021 portfolio and what to expect in the coming year.

Both of these interviews took place during last week's NAFB virtual conference. The conference is typically held in Kansas City, Missouri each year.

You can hear both interviews in their entirety in the audio clips below.

Special thanks to Syngenta's Andy Heggenstaller, John Koenig, and Andy Ackley for taking the time to speak with KXRB radio on Thursday.

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