Normally held each November in Kansas City, Missouri; this year's National Farm Broadcasters Convention (NAFB) was held virtually. There were a number of prominent voices of the agriculture industry in attendance online, but everyone was most interested in hearing from United States Secretary of Agriculture, (and former Governor of Florida) Sonny Perdue.

Secretary Perdue covered a wide range of topics, from the trade war with China to the state of the agriculture economy as a whole during the Trump administration, and even the restructured version of NAFTA.

Perdue also spent a good deal of time speaking about Rural Broadband in America and what the Trump administration has done to get broadband to farmsteads throughout the country. Perdue believes that 5g will help farmers across the U.S. continue to innovate.

Later, Perdue spoke on the effects of the COVID- 19 pandemic on the agriculture industry and which parts of ag were impacted the most. He also spoke on the food supply chain, the food services industry, and the lessons learned from the early stages of the pandemic.

To hear a portion of the interview session with Secretary Perdue, feel free to hit the play button on the audio clip just below this article.


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