Everyone here in the Sioux Empire has heard of the Sioux Falls Stampede, and their famous wiener dog uniforms and races.

Now, a lot of people across the country have taken notice, including the biggest brand in all of baseball.

That's right, the Yankees are fans of the Sioux Falls Wiener Dogs.

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The Yankees took to social media today to share a video of two of their biggest stars, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, receiving specialized uniforms from our hometown team:

The uniforms bear the names of the stars' dogs on the back.

The Wiener Dogs brand has been garnering a ton of interest lately, and now they've officially made it to the national stage.

Here's a few other shots shared by the Yankees Twitter team today:

Canva - New York Yankees on Twitter
Canva - New York Yankees on Twitter

Now the only question remains; where will the Sioux Falls Wiener Dogs go from here?

Source: New York Yankees on Twitter

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