Finding an affordable place to live is getting trickier than ever these days, but while there are still plenty of reasonably priced cities and towns to call home in the Hawkeye State, this Iowa suburb is, by far, the most expensive.

Not only is it the most expensive suburb, but it's also the third most expensive city to live in the entire state.

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Credit: Canva/Google Maps
Credit: Canva/Google Maps

Welcome to Coralville, Iowa

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

According to Homesnacks, Coralville is the third most expensive town to live in in the state of Iowa. What makes it so expensive? Take a look at the statistics:

Population: 22,226
Rank Last Year: 5 (Up 2)
Home Price To Income Ratio: 3.6x (4th most expensive)
Income To Rent Ratio: 71.5x (32nd most expensive)

-Homesnacks Website

Coralville is part of the Greater Iowa City Metropolitan Area and sits just above Cedar Falls and just below Ames on this list.

According to Homesnacks, there are only two cities in the Hawkeye State that are more expensive than Coralville, with the two being Iowa City and Ames.

Although it may be a tad more expensive to live in Coralville than in Iowa's other suburban towns, most of the city's residents would agree it's definitely worth it. Coralville is almost always listed as one of the best towns to live and raise a family in the Hawkeye State. It also has some of the lowest unemployment in the entire state, which is a sign of a healthy and thriving community.

To learn more about what makes Coralville such a great place to live, check out the YouTube link below.

And to see the full list of the most expensive cities and towns in Iowa for 2023, check out the article from Homesnacks, here.

Story Source: Homesnacks Iowa Page

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