Someone on YouTube clearly has a bone to pick with the state of Iowa. Let's just say...this Iowa resident did not have a great start in the "Field of Opportunities" state.

A woman named Fé Bean posted a video on her YouTube channel about the ten aspects of Iowa she really doesn’t like. In Fé's opinion, you will "either love or hate Iowa."  It just depends on what suits your lifestyle.

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Getty Images, Canva


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Before everyone in Iowa gets mad, Fé Bean explains in her description of her YouTube video she does not intend to leave Iowa. However, she has had some unique encounters in the state that she just was not a fan of.

"I want to put an emphasis on the fact that the aspects of life that I mentioned in this video are not all-encompassing of the whole state of Iowa and Iowans but rather what I have experienced," explains Fé.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions including expressing those opinions in a video. These are just ten aspects that Fé Bean "strongly dislikes" about living in Iowa.

  1. The Bugs: Fé says bugs are everywhere in the state, especially in the summer.
  2. Internet Services....Awful: Apparently, Fé's internet service went out one day. She explains that it took her internet provider 15 days to get the internet back. That's crazy!
  3. Iowa Smells: Since Iowa is a huge agricultural state, there are all sorts of unique smells like from pigs and cattle.
  4. Driving Behind Farm Equipment: Fé is not a fan of these machines going on the roads. Understandable, but that's life in a rural state!
  5. Lack of Diversity: Fé pointed out the lack of diversity throughout the state. This includes food and the culture of the state.
  6. Very Hot Summers: The humidity is unbearable for Fé and it can be a dense heat.
  7. The Weather Is Unpredictable: Fé is really surprised by the dramatic shifts in weather patterns. She also is not a fan of the harsh winters.
  8. Underwhelming Infrastructure: You won't find any skyscrapers in Iowa. Fé also is not a fan of the water for her hair.
  9. Restaurants?: Yeah...Fé is not a fan of the restaurants in Iowa. To her, they are not "great."
  10. Iowa Is Flat!: Fé likes to see mountains and hills. Unfortunately, you won't find those here.

These sentiments reflect Fé Bean’s experiences when she first moved to the state. Times seem to have changed as overall, her family really does like Iowa. Her kids think it's perfect!

As one wise person said, you can't always judge a book by its cover.


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