See that tractor up there in that picture? Know who's at the wheel? A woman.

Back 'in the day', when you saw a tractor in the field you knew who was at the wheel. It was Bob or Henry, maybe Jim or Carl or Johnny. The point is, it was always a 'he'.

Now when you look at the farm fields of South Dakota there's a pretty good chance you'll see Hailey or MacKenna, Deb or Patty or Jessica out there planting or spraying or harvesting.

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Farming isn't a man's world anymore. There's a lot of women working the dirt, too.

According to my friends at 26% of South Dakota farmers are women. So while you (yep, and me too) were thinkin' the typical farmer was an 'ol boy, it's time we face the fact:

We were wrong.

There are over 12,000 women farmers in the state farming nearly 14 million acres. And these ladies of the land can't be pigeon holed into one area...Some farm or ranch on their own, others are part of a family operation. And they have at least one thing in common with their male counterparts: The absolutely love what they do!

So how about you join me and get out of this rut of thinking farming and ranching is for the guy's. Yes, it's for men. But it's for women, too. And in a larger sense, it's for all of us.

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