I lifted and stacked a lot of hay bales back in the day, making some summer money as a teenager. But I have to admit, I never built a stack in or near the 'Hay Capital of the World'.

Welcome to Gayville, South Dakota one of those smaller communities that make South Dakota great. Yep, all 382 folks in Gayville (according to the 2020 census) are among the friendliest in the Sunshine State.

And as opposed to a lot of South Dakota towns that were founded thanks to the railroad, it was farmers that built up Gayville...and mostly Scandinavian farmers back there in about 1870. And by the way, (according to Wikipedia) Gayville was originally named White Hall...then renamed Boreman...but since 1873, it's been what we all know, Gayville.

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Do yourself a favor, and meet the folks in Gayville, and be prepared to stay awhile. What's that? Need directions? Well, Gayville is off Highway 50 just 10 miles east of Yankton.

So if you want to get the heck away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and relax with folks that, in about a minute and a half will be your friends, motor on over to Gayville, the 'Hay Capital of the World'.

Oh, and by the way, according to their website, there's a little competition going on:

Gayville is the self-proclaimed "Hay Capital of the World". Gayville is also constantly in competition with nearby Meckling, the self-proclaimed "Hay Capital of the Universe."

Ahhh, a little friendly rivalry. So what the heck, enjoy a great time in Gayville, then bop over and say 'Howdy' to the folks in Meckling...and ask 'So, who's the real hay champion'?

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