Are you yawning at work? If yes, you're not alone.

Over 60 percent of workers feel they are not getting enough sleep. It is a medical fact, that lack of sleep has a negative impact on your life.

When you're tired, life sucks. But when well rested, nothing can slow you down.

I have to compliment my wife on enforcing bedtime for our son in school. He's getting proper rest, and he's doing very well in class all the way around.

When he goes to bed early, I find myself following suit. And after a good, long sleep, the new day just clicks.

Some workers out there though, are going to bed on time, but laying awake worrying about work. Sleep deprivation doesn't just hurt workers, it hurts business too.

Three out of five workers say lack of sleep has had an impact on their work in the following ways:

  • It makes the day go slower
  • It takes away motivation
  • It causes you to be less productive
  • It affects memory
  • It causes crabbiness with coworkers
  • It causes a person to take longer to complete tasks
  • It causes you to make mistakes

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