One of the Hawkeye State's premier hidden gems is located in the small town of Vinton, where the longest glow-in-the-dark trail in the US can be found. The trail itself is breathtaking but the reason behind its glow is equally so.

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Nathan's Miles

Nathon Hesson, former City Councilman of Vinton was one of the driving forces behind the glow-in-the-dark trail in the town. He and others were inspired by European trails that would glow in the moonlight. They thought it would be a unique addition to the 2-mile trail being built in town and would almost certainly be an economic driver.

The trail was officially opened to the public a few years back, but sadly, Nathan wouldn't live to see it, as he passed away in 2021. The trail's name was dedicated in his honor as "Nathan's Miles" and can be found on the south side of town.

The trail consists of over 3,000 pounds of glowing stones and is the longest continuous glowing trail of its kind in the United States. The stones were applied to the concrete at a rate of 1 pound to every sixteen square feet of concrete.

In the few years since it opened, the trail has indeed been an economic driver for the town of Vinton, drawing visitors from all over the Upper Midwest.

To learn more about Nathan's Miles Glow-in-the-Dark Trail, check out this article from the Shive-Hattery Website.

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