I grew up in the 507. It's just a bit east of Sioux Falls over there in the Gopher State.

Growing up I kind of knew there was another area code in the state, somewhere 'up north'. Well, where I grew up pretty much everything else in Minnesota was 'up north'. Now, of course, Minnesota has 7 area codes.

Here in the greatest state in the nation, AKA South Dakota? We're content with one. The good ol' 605.

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Down there in the southwest corner in Edgemont? You're 605.

Up in the northwest in Lemmon? Yep, 605 (but don't wander into North Lemmon, you'll all of a sudden find yourself in 701). Summit up there in the northeast, Elk Point down in the southeast? Yessir, it's all 605 there and everything in between.

So how unique is that? How many other states can claim the distinction of having a one and only one area code?

The answer is....

10. Ten other states get along fine with a single area code.

Our neighbors in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming have that single area code. Gee, that must mean we are all proudly rural. The itsy-bitsy fella's of Delaware and Rhode Island get along fine with one. Maine, way up there in the northeast has just one and so does Hawaii way (way, way) to the southwest also has just one area code.

Toss in New Hampshire and Vermont, too. Oh, and the largest geographical state in the country has just one area code for all that land: Alaska. Miles and miles and miles and more miles of land with, well, not too many folks. So they only need one area code too.

Who has the most area codes?

So 11 of us in all roll along just fine with one area code. But what about the other end of the spectrum? That would be California with 36, followed by Texas with 27, New York with 19, and Florida with 18.

Yeah, they might all be good states, but as for me, I'll stick right here in the good ol' 605, thank you.

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