Labor Day Weekend is the time to remember the good days of summer. We are also facing the reality that summer is unofficially over. But before we say goodbye to the summer of 2019, there are some last-minute activities our listeners have yet to do.

Mark and I asked listeners on Facebook what their plans are to wrap up this summer. Some listeners said they will be working on their yards and fields. Others said grilling some hamburgers, going fishing, or catching up on sleep. This is a pretty great list! But if you want to plan a last-minute trip, there's actually something to do in every state.

Reader's Digest lists one activity people can do on Labor Day Weekend per state. For South Dakota, it's recommended to visit the Black Hills. This side of the state is like a whole new world with various hiking opportunities along with historical landmarks, like Mount Rushmore.

Visiting the Black Hills is still a trip I need to take...I know it's crazy I haven't been there yet! Hopefully, this will happen very soon!

Check out the Reader's Digest article to see what other popular activities you can to do over the holiday weekend in the United States!


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