Not many cities have historic, operating movie theatres.  That would have been a true statement for the City of Sioux Falls only a few short months ago.  However, after being closed for nearly 30 years, The State Theatre reopened its doors to Downtown Sioux Falls in December.

The State Theatre is located right along Phillips Avenue in the heart of the downtown area. In an effort to offer timeless films to movie fans in the Sioux Empire, The State Theatre is bringing history to life to all who enter!  According to its website, "The majestic theatre dazzled the residents of Sioux Falls with its iconic marquee and sophisticated Beaux Arts-inspired design. This style of the building became known nationally as the ‘movie palace.' "  The State Theatre shut its doors in 1991 due to the decline of downtown traffic.  Since the reopening of The State Theatre, Downtown Sioux Falls feels whole again.  It just wasn't the same without this historic building.

I recently visited The State Theatre, and it was truly a memorable evening!  The State Theatre showcases classic films and musicals that can send you back in time.  The theatre even plays vintage movie previews for other movies it intends to show in the future.  New movies that are being shown at the theatre are usually announced every Thursday so patrons can purchase tickets in advance.

For the first time, I watched the original "West Side Story" which was first released in 1961. It was so cool to be able to see this film at The State Theatre.  In fact, I almost felt like I time-traveled back to the 60s during the movie.

The State Theatre is really a unique experience that highlights the many wonderful features of Downtown Sioux Falls!  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show...

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