It's no secret that a lot of my "Hometown Tuesday" articles talk about food.  So if you visit a lot of the restaurants I mention throughout Sioux Falls, you're probably wondering how to work off all the food.  Look no further than Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp.

Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp is a franchise across the country.  However C.J. Wehrkamp saw this as not just an opportunity to start this business in Sioux Falls, but to change people's lives. "The biggest reason I wanted to open my own fitness facility is because I knew there were a lot of people that struggle with weight and also self-confidence. I also knew that simply working for a gym that my sole job of getting the client to sign the 12-month contract did not help serve that need.  I have more passion than most when it comes to helping others succeed in their health and fitness and find the self-confidence that is buried within," says Sioux Falls Fit Body Owner C.J. Wehrkamp.

Since May of 2015, over 300 people have joined either a full or part-time program with Fit Body.  Each workout session is 30 minutes throughout the day starting as early as 4:50 AM and as late as 6:40 PM.  These workout sessions include exercises to work on your upper and lower body.  This might include jumping jacks, ab crunches, planks, and more.

For anyone who wants to start working out, Wehrkamp advises you to start small and make those changes into habits to help you build your endurance.  "I see too many people try to jump into health and fitness and change everything and that ultimately leads to stopping because it is not sustainable to change so much at once," says Wehrkamp. "Start with 2 things...workout 3x per week and shoot for half your body weight in water. Once you make those two a habit then you can add more."

Visit Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp to find out more information on how to start your workout routine!

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