2020 was a tough year for local businesses everywhere...We already know this for a fact.  That's why it is so important that we support small businesses whenever we can.

One Downtown Sioux Falls restaurant not only makes great food, but they are now the reigning champions for the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger BattlePapa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza.

This pizza joint in Sioux Falls is located in the Jones421 building on Phillips Avenue.  Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza is exactly what it sounds like.  The restaurant specializes in wood-fired pizza, my favorite!  According to its website, the family-owned business opened its first location in Sioux Falls in 2019.  Believe it or not,  Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza started as a mobile pizza trailer back in 2016.  How cool is that?!  This local establishment truly embodies what Sioux Falls represents: Families gathering together to enjoy delicious food and fun!

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Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza really proved that they can make a winning burger as well as great pizza!  Over 11,000 votes were counted for the 8th Annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle.  "The Uptowner" burger for this year's friendly competition stood out from the rest!  From the patty and toppings to the great customer service, Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza knew how to win over the Sioux Empire!

Quick confession: This was a burger I wanted to taste and did not have the opportunity to sample during the actual Burger Battle time frame.  I was pretty disappointed in myself.  Luckily, Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza now features "The Uptowner" burger on its menu!  This burger did not disappoint.  The pretzel bun and the jalapeños are what got me hooked right away.  Plus, the bacon was cooked to that perfect crisp!

Now that I've finally had the burger, ordering a pizza from Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza is next on my list!

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