The Sioux Empire has great local restaurants to enjoy a meal or have a drink.  You can always find somewhere new to visit!

I've been fortunate to be able to explore a variety of local establishments.  But one place that everyone always told me to visit was McNally's Irish Pub.  Well, guess what...I finally had the opportunity to check out this local Irish pub!

Located off of 69th Street and Western Avenue, McNally's Irish Pub makes you feel like it's St. Patrick's Day every day of the week.  According to its website, "With rich warm wooden details lit by reflective copper ceilings, lively music and laughter, our restaurant/bar serves up a place to connect that’s open to the public, yet personal. Always full of old stories, McNally’s Irish Pub is that special place that feels like home."  McNally's Irish Pub even has an outdoor patio that is dog-friendly!  Another place for my dog, Honey to investigate!

Coming from the Chicagoland area, there are a ton of Irish pubs to explore.  Like we're talking one on every corner on the Southside.  Finding a place like McNally's Irish Pub felt like coming home in more ways than one.  I am a huge, huge Notre Dame fan. When I saw the Notre Dame banners hanging at McNally's Irish Pub, my heart was so full!  Shortly after, my stomach was equally full of the delicious grilled chicken sandwich with tasty veggies I ordered!  This delicious meal from McNally's Irish Pub truly hit the spot!

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