If you're planning to redecorate your kitchen or completely redesign your bedroom, there is one local store that fits the bill.

The Design House in Sioux Falls is the place to create those dream spaces and special sanctuaries within your home.  This is also a great place if you have a passion for interior design like me! It is the Design House‘s mission to help make the vision of your home become a reality.

Located right off of North Main Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls, the Design House is full of exciting surprises when you walk through its doors.

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According to its website, Design House is founded and locally owned by Megan and Daryl Peterson.  With the help of their team, "they are providing one of a kind interior design experience + providing the local designers with an inspiring space to work, grow their business, and collaborate."  It will truly feel like a family project when you create your dream home with the Design House.

Before the Design House came to be what it is today, it was formally known as "The Bakery."  From my understanding, The Bakery was a space where people could learn from other professionals in the area.  The Bakery would even offer free marketing advice on Fridays.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I am a huge interior design nerd.  I love to create new spaces and make my ideas come to life.  I had never heard of the Design House until I walked around the spring Downtown Sioux Falls Art and Wine Walk during May’s "First Friday" of the month!  I loved all the pieces and furniture that the Design House had on display.  I could have easily walked out with a new couch or accent piece that’s for sure!

Support local businesses like the Design House and let your creativity shine!

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