I'm not going to lie...I have a little bit of a sweet tooth. I am also not ashamed to admit to my friends when I want a cupcake, and we should visit a cupcake shop in town.  So basically, I will never turn down sweets, especially when they come from local shops like CH Pâtisserie.

This tasty pastry shop is located right in Downtown Sioux Falls along Phillips Avenue.  When you walk into CH Pâtisserie, you'll feel like you've walked into another country.  This would make complete sense since the menu at CH Pâtisserie is all about European-style treats.  Who better to create these elegant sweets than World Champion Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer?  According to its website, the shop’s "macaron menu and line of Sweet Luxuries give our patrons a wide variety of options to satisfy a sugar craving. Explore, experience, and enjoy." There are so many delectable sweets to try!

CH Pâtisserie was actually one of the first places I visited when I moved to Sioux Falls.  Plus...it was one of the first dates I went on when I came to Sioux Falls (HA)!  The highlight of that date was totally the pastries by far!

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Of course, the patisserie is known for its unbelievable assortment of macarons. They are so light with a whole lot of flavor.  I also enjoy a treat called "The Favorite."  This is a milk chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline and vanilla cremeux.  It is by far the favorite chocolate sweet in the City of Sioux Falls!

The CH Pâtisserie is truly a unique pastry shop that is just too sweet to pass up!

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