Summer isn't complete without eating ice cream!  If you want a hometown sweet treat, then B&G Milkyway is the place to go.

The old fashion drive-inn opened in 1954 on W. 12th Street in Sioux Falls originally known as "The Milky Way."  In the mid-1960s, the owner sold the establishment to Bertha and Guy Higgins.  Since then, seven locations have opened around the Sioux Empire.  Plus, a new location is coming to Harrisburg in 2020.

Their menu has a variety of treats to choose from, like dipped cones, avalanches, malts, and more!  B&G Milkyway also offers food if you're looking to have some dinner before dessert.  Some food listed on the menu include footlongs, chili cheese nachos, and pizza burgers.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about the delicious food!

After living in Sioux Falls for over a year, I stopped by the iconic hot spot last week with my family and some friends.  I was advised to try an avalanche.  Since I was in a chocolate mood, I ordered the Brownie Batter Avalanche.  After tasting my first B&G ice cream treat, I understood why everyone loves it so much.  It just hits the spot on a warm day.

Unfortunately, B&G Milkyway is only open during the summer.  So if you haven't enjoyed some ice cream lately, this is the perfect excuse to visit B&G!  There's something for everyone to enjoy!


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