Have you ever wanted to see bears up close and personal... close enough where it isn't dangerous?  Bear Country U.S.A. presents the perfect opportunity to have this unique experience in South Dakota.

Bear Country U.S.A. is just outside Rapid City hidden inside the Black Hills.  The interactive zoo is over 200 acres wide full of wildlife roaming freely including big horned sheep, deer, and of course black bears.  Ober 100 black bears to be exact.  In general, Bear Country U.S.A. does not take animals from their natural habits.  However, there have been some exceptions.  According to its website, Bear Country U.S.A. explains, "Often a state Fish and Game Department will call the park because they have a young orphaned animal that will be destroyed if they cannot find a home. Bear Country U.S.A. can take these young animals because there is still time to expose them to humans. Several Bear Country residents come from these benevolent transactions."

The best part?  This is a great, social distance activity for the whole family to enjoy!  You go through the wildlife sanctuary from the comfort of your car.  Keep in mind you must have your car windows closed at all times.  Animals can be unpredictable, and these mammals are no exceptions.

Visiting Bear Country U.S.A. was a must for my family when we made the journey out west.  I love bears, and my sister is studying to be a veterinarian, so this sightseeing adventure was an absolute must!  Take a look at the pictures of these beautiful animals along with their friends!

Bear Country U.S.A.

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