If you have not seen Jackson Browne and James Taylor in concert, this is your opportunity to enjoy the show right from the comfort of your very own living room.  Or in your kitchen...heck maybe even when you're in your car!

These legendary artists are on road after postponing their tour last year.  You're probably wondering when Jackson Browne and James Taylor are coming to the Sioux Empire.  Well...I'm sorry to say they aren't performing anywhere near the region.  However, you can see all the highlights of the big concert right now!

I was lucky enough to be able to see this awesome concert with my family at the United Center in Chicago. This was actually one of the first big shows to return to the city and this particular entertainment venue. The crowd was electric, and it was truly obvious everybody was anxiously awaiting the return of live music.

Watch these videos and check out the photos from the concert.  You'll feel like you're actually there! Quick side note....please disregard my mom's comments and singing in some of the videos (Haha). She was really excited!

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

Jackson Browne Is In The Building: Jackson Browne got the crowd on their feet right from the start.  He started off the show with this 1993 hit, "I'm Alive."

Jackson really nailed "The Long Way Around" and so did his background singer. She is amazing...her voice is just so rich!  It paired perfectly with the song.

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

Everyone was dancing to this 1982 song. You might even hear my mom singing along somewhere in the song (Ha)!

I'm not sure if you can hear Jackson singing this one, however, you can definitely hear my mom! The piano playing is certainly great though!

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

In an exciting turn of events, James Taylor appeared on stage  towards the end of Jackson's set to perform the legendary song..."The Pretender."  What a collaboration!

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

This opening for James highlighted all his top hit songs and the violin playing was a perfect fit!  Fun fact: The woman playing the violin is from Nashville.

Raise your margarita glass for this 1975 hit!

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll hear this huge hit by James Taylor at one of his concerts!  Everyone really loved this rendition of the 1970 song.

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

One of my favorites from James...I was singing right along.

Clapping, singing, and dancing!  "Karen" must have been thrilled with this one!

We saw James Taylor in 2017 at Wrigley Field.  He did not play this song and my mom was upset...to say the least.  We finally heard in now!

James invited Jackson back on the stage to perform one of the biggest songs he's ever written.  You know it from The Eagles and Travis Tritt...it's "Take It Easy!"

2021 James Taylor and Jackson Browne Concert

This was another great show I was lucky enough to witness!  If you want to see James Taylor and Jackson Browne, you can visit here to learn more!

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