First things first. Our city wouldn't be able to function without plows on the road in the winter. Sioux Falls snowplow drivers do an amazing job and not to mention, have to take numerous risks, just to keep our driving conditions safe.

That being said, accidents do inevitably occur, and if and when they take place, the city has certain precautions set up to help individuals, or businesses who happen to be the unfortunate victims of mailbox destruction.

So, after our next snowstorm, you take a stroll down your icy driveway and find your mailbox in pieces, will the city pay for that? Here are the answers.

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According to the Sioux Falls Public Works Department, it's the wet and heavy snow that tends to be the biggest threat to mailboxes. When the plows hit the roads to move it, it's typically the snow itself that damages the mailbox, not the blade from the plow.

Dustin Hansen, Street Manager for the City of Sioux Falls explained that if it is determined that a plow caused your home's mailbox to fall, the city will call in a work order and replace the box in a timely manner. He also noted that this also applies to any sprinkler systems that may be damaged.

If your home or business has experienced damage to your mailbox due to snow removal, please use your One Link App (the same app you use to report potholes). You can find the app in the App Store for iPhone, or in the Google Play Store for Android users. You can also place a call into the City of Sioux Falls Public Works Department at 605-367-8600.

Story Source: City of Sioux Falls Public Works Department


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