It's a little crazy these days. OK, truth be told, it's crazier than a little crazy.

But there is a bit of annual normalcy not far off. Mother's Day.

But of course this years may be different than in years past. In fact, there's a real good chance it will be different. But it may be different in a good way.

I was guilty of it when my Mom was still with us. Guilty of just picking something up quick at the store, slapping a card on it and giving it to her. She'd smile, say 'You shouldn't have', and be happy I thought of her. Except of course, I hadn't thought of her. Not enough anyway.

So in these days of the Coronavirus cloud, maybe you can shine through with a homemade Mother's Day gift.

No no, don't cower and shiver. These aren't difficult gifts.

And as a final homemade Mother's Day gift, how about just telling here, in person or on the phone, 'I Love You Mom'. It may just be the best homemade gift of all.

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