My thought on this particular issue is that Mom's favorite brunch food on Mother's Day would be anything she doesn't have to make! That, or Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bellini's, Irish Coffees, Sangria...perhaps you notice a theme here?

Anyway,, a job-finding website, crunched the data every which way and found out that by and large Mom's are not looking for some fancy-schmancy recipe you found online.

And, believe me, I found fancy-schmancy recipes! How about Collard Greens Salad with Fried Plantain and Sumac (isn't Sumac a weed?), Farro-Vegetable Hash with Chermoula (Cher-hula?), or perhaps Alt-Grain Porridge with Kimchi and Jammy Eggs (you could substitute oatmeal with jalapeños & egg beaters if you're out of "alt-grains").

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No I'm not kidding. These strange brunch recipes are all from Bon Apetit, one of my favorite places for normal food recipes too.

But I digress. After Zippia sorted through all the Google Trends info, they found that what most moms want is - - (with apologies to vegetarians and vegans everywhere), MEAT! Sausage was the brunch choice for moms in 13 states, bacon for 5, and chicken and waffles for several others.

Not surprisingly, moms in several states prefer to drink their brunch. (Refer back to paragraph one).

But here in South Dakota, as it so often happens, mom's stand out from the crowd. They want French Toast! The only moms in the country who do!

Minnesota and Nebraska moms want bacon and lots of it. In Iowa, an omelet station would make moms happy, while North Dakota moms appropriately want hash browns, in a state which produces a lot of potatoes.

So there you have it. French Toast for mom on Sunday. I've got a killer recipe for Stuffed French Toast! Let me know if you want it for your mom to make.

Okay, now I'm kidding!

Sources: Zippia and Bon Apetit

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