If you've been blessed with a great Mom, well...you are blessed!

Many of us can make that statement, thankfully. But how many of us can say they've been blessed with the three best Moms ever? Well, I can. Yep, three of 'em. Here, let me explain. I suppose I should use fake names so I don't get sued and to protect the innocent.

OK, ready? Here we go.

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1) Let's call her Henrietta, most of the world called her that, but I had the honor of calling her Mom. Born in a long, long ago day, she made it through the Great Depression, worked here on the Home Front during World War II, and like so many of her friends, married a guy that 'came back from the war'. They spent about 60 years or so together and I'm pretty sure she was a 'best' wife in addition to being the best Mom. At least, the old fella she was married to didn't seem to complain to much. She's been gone now over 16 years, but she's not gone in my heart. She truly was the best and I miss her every day.

2) I don't know, let's call this second "Best Mom' Jessica. Oh, what the heck let's be informal, I'll just call her Jessie. Now, I never have had the honor of calling her Mom, but three of my Grandkids have and still do. I knew her long before that 'Mom' moniker got hung on her and I wondered how she'd handle it. Maybe worried just a bit. Well, I didn't have to. I'm pretty doggone sure those three kids would say she's the best ever, too, although maybe not out loud. At least not yet, but I'm betting they will.

3) We're gonna call this next 'Best Mom' Brenda. Now, she maybe just a little crazy because she married a fella I've known for well over 40 years and he's a handful, as they say. A good handful, but a handful none-the-less. Now, I don't get to call her 'Mom' either, but those two young boys do and for that, they're blessed. She's one of those 'goes above and beyond' Mom's that makes sure her family is safe, secure, loved, and nestled deep into her heart. And really, isn't that what a 'Best Mom' is all about?

So you see, I've had the honor of being close to the three best Moms ever. I couldn't ask for more. It's an honor for me to be a part of the family.

Oh and by the way...I didn't change any names...so the innocent aren't protected. Just loved.

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