You get up, get ready, get in the car, head to work. Everyday.

And when you get there, you go through the motions. It used to be something you looked forward to, enjoyed. But now it's just something to get through, and get back home.

And you're just about ready to give it up. Quit.


Well, according to CNBC, for most it's pretty simple: No recognition.

A Gallup survey is quoted in the article as saying only about a third of employees are 'engaged' at work. So what about everyone else?

According to research that was done, an overwhelming 79% of workers who said 'See ya' did so because of a lack of appreciation from superiors. 65% said they weren't recognized once in the past year. 82% feel their supervisor doesn't recognize what they do. And here's an interesting one: More than half say they are motivated more by recognition that by money.

A pat on the back. A 'Good Job'. An 'I appreciate You'. A lack of that is causing most people to move on.

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