With scorching temperatures outside, it can be downright dangerous without an air conditioner these days.

If you're in the market for an air conditioner but lack the resources, here are a few options available.

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Credit: Jaroslaw Kwoczala via YouTube
Credit: Jaroslaw Kwoczala via YouTube

Here's How To Get Free Air Conditioners in Iowa

First off, check this handy website. It lists a number of options, including the Salvation Army and Family Service Programs which may be able to distribute mounted free air conditioners for those in need. However, check out these programs thoroughly, as there are a few guidelines.

Also, another great option is the website, Community Action of Eastern Iowa.

To receive a small window air conditioner, you must meet income guidelines and have a medical condition that would be helped if you had air conditioning.

If you are a renter, your landlord will complete a form saying a window unit is allowed at the property. You will be responsible for picking up the window air conditioner at one of our offices and installing the air conditioner.

How to Apply

Please call us at 563-324-3236, or use the chat feature on this site to request a phone appointment. You can also book your own appointment using the button below.

-Community Action of Eastern Iowa

Check out this website to see if you meet the full requirements to apply for a free air conditioner in the state of Iowa.

Story Source: Community Action of Eastern Iowa

Story Source: Need Help Paying Bills Website


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