There are two things about Jimmy Dean that almost everyone knows.

First, he had a huge international Country and Pop music hit in 1961 with 'Big Bad John'.  That signature smash cemented his name in the minds and hearts of music fans around the world.

And secondly, he became even more famous because of his 'Jimmy Dean Sausage', a company that earned him millions more, in both dollars and breakfast fans!

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But there was a lot more to this multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor and businessman.

For example...

1) Many folks know Jimmy hosted his own very popular 'Jimmy Dean Show' on ABC from 1963-66, introducing many Country Star's to a huge national audience. But did you know he also gave a huge boost to the career of Jim Henson of 'The Muppets' fame?   Jimmy would interact on his show with 'Rowlf The Dog', a muppet-type character voiced and handled by Henson.

2) But wait, there's more.  Yes, Jim Henson was given a boost by being on Jimmy's show, but did you know he was so grateful, he offered Jimmy 40% interest in his young production company?  Jimmy turned it down, saying he hadn't really done anything to earn it.

3) You probably know Jimmy had several acting roles, particularly on the Daniel Boone show, in which he appeared in some 14 episodes.  But did you know he also appeared in a James Bond movie?  He was the reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte in 1971's 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

4) While 'Big Bad John' will always be remembered as Jimmy's biggest and most recognizable smash hit, he had several other hit's through the 1960's.  And did you know he had a million selling single in 1976?  Released three weeks before Mother's day, the recitation hit honored his Mother...and Mothers everywhere.



5) Jimmy Dean had an incredible career on so many levels.  On record, on TV, in business.  And did you know he achieved all that success and...he was a high school dropout!  Yep, he quit school, served for a time in the Air Force and became a household name around the world.

6) Jimmy passed away in 2010 at the age of 81.  And while, again, we all know 'Big Bad John' is his signature song, did you know it earned the 1962 Grammy for 'Best Country & Western Recording'?  So let's go ahead and go back into the mine one more time for the heroic deeds of 'Big Bad John'.


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