Whenever you reach out a hand in an act of kindness to lift up someone else, you are putting out positive energy into our very difficult world. You are also making an affirmative change to your own life. It is a remarkable way to share your gratitude attitude!

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The Helpline Center has so many opportunities for you to change other lives and yours. Here are just a few ideas for us all.

  • VA Medical Center - This is a tremendous and yet simple way to say thank you to the men and women who have given so much in service to our country. As a VA driver, you would be transporting veterans in the Sioux Falls and Brandon areas to and from the Sioux Falls VA Health System for medical appointments and recreation therapy events. You will also be provided with a vehicle for this activity. For more information call 211 or 605-333-6851.
  • Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA)/South Dakota Chapter - This organization is looking for Board members and Fundraisers. Huntington's Disease is a "rare, inherited disease that causes the progressive breakdown (degeneration) of nerve cells in the brain" it robs people of their lives. Fortunately, we have ongoing research and treatment right here in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. These efforts are funded by fun events you can be a part of. For more information, just call 211 at the Helpline Center.
  • Direct Line Prayer Center -  This non-denominational Christian prayer center is putting out a call for people to pray for others in our community and around the globe. To volunteer, call 605-274-9274.
  • Kingswood Rummage Sale - This Sioux Falls spring tradition is looking for volunteers for a bit of office work on March 1st. If you'd like to help, call 211 or 605-360-3831.

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, and hundreds of others, call the Helpline Center at 211, or see Helpline Center online, on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Linkedin.

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