The need for connection in our current climate is more important than ever. If you doubt it, ask anyone who has been in isolation, or quarantine, for weeks. Whether you're Face-timing, Skyping, calling, or some other form of communication, with friends and family, it can be the difference between surviving these times or not.

The Helpline Center's mission, simply put - -is connection. Connecting people with assistance, connecting volunteers to organizations that help sustain others.

These are just a few of the opportunities to become someone making meaningful connections in Sioux Falls.

  • Salvation Army - Sallie's Table Weekend Feeding Program acts as a supplemental feeding program in Sioux Falls when the Banquet is closed for the weekends. Servers are needed Saturday and Sunday evenings, and also Sunday mornings to serve breakfast.
  • Lifescape - Is seeking friends for the children and adults with disabilities that they serve. Activities can range from a simple 5-minute phone call to cheer your Lifescape friend, to creating a "Birthday-in-a-Bag for a child or adult, becoming a pen pal, plus the opportunities to become a virtual volunteer and friend are endless!
  • Helpline Center Mask Make & Donate Program - This program coordinates volunteers creating protective cloth masks and directs them to organizations needing them.
  • DIY Project of the Week - Teacher Thank You Care Packs - These do-it-yourself projects let you use your creativity and inject your personality into a gift that will make someone's day! Our teachers could certainly use a boost anytime, but right now, in particular, something that brings them joy would be awesome. Suggestions for the care packs include pens, crayons, markers, a coffee mug, tissues, a gift card for school supplies, snacks, candies, goodies, and whatever else you think might brighten a teacher's life right now.

Whether you need help, more information, or want to help, call 211, see Helpline Center online and on Facebook.

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