If you have a good body, show it off. But not all of it.

According to a New York Post report, Gen Z like's to let it all hang out. A study shows nearly 40% of that generation (identified here as 18-22 year old's) have sent pictures of themselves sporting themselves in nothing but their Birthday Suit. The survey included 5,00 singles, and the 'Z' folks weren't alone.

The Millennial's enjoy showing off their assets as well. 37% of the 23-38 year old's shot off an image showing themselves in all their nekked glory.

As far as which gender is putting themselves out there? 33% are the fellas, while 22% of women said 'Take a peek'.

But hold on you old folks, 3% of those over age 74 said they too had tried their hand at sexting.

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