Here lately, have you noticed anything different at work? Besides the fact we're all getting older, have you noticed how young people aren't afraid to speak up?

Thanks to Generation Z, the question "why" is being overheard more and more in the workplace these days - as in, why do I have to do it? Why am I being given the task?

According to a new book out called Decoding Generation Z 101, the big difference between Millennials and Generation Z's is the "Z's" want to understand the rationale.

Author Mark Beal, a professor at Rutgers University, says Z's (as he refers to them) are looking for mentors, not managers. They want to know why they're being asked to do something.

Beal writes that Z's are "looking for ways to bring technology, apps, and solutions to the workplace to create greater efficiencies, especially when it relates to time."

He says Millennials and those generations before were brought up to just "go away and do whatever was assigned" - which is not the case anymore.

So, step aside Millennials. Generation Z is here and making its presence known.

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