Whether it's deserved or not, Millennials get a bad rap for various reasons and unfortunately, this story might not help.

According to a new study out of England, many millennials can't handle easy do-it-yourself tasks like putting up wallpaper, painting or tightening a loose screw.

Plusnet surveyed 2,000 young adults.  The study showed that one-third of millennials will get help on simple do-it-yourself tasks because they don't have confidence in their abilities and a quarter said someone else would do a better job.

Some even admitted ignoring a blown light bulb for three weeks before asking someone to change it for them.

There's nothing wrong with asking for help if you're stuck, but one would think to change a light bulb should be self-explanatory.

So where do millennials turn to for help?  Google.  87 percent seek help online for simple DIY tasks, but 41 percent will hire someone to fix the problem instead of attempting it themselves.

That's not out of line though.  As a card-carrying member of Generation X (we have plenty of our own issues!), I will turn to the internet for help with more involved tasks.  I'm sure a lot of people from every generation does the same.

For example, I watched an online video on how to replace a broken garbage disposal.  I still have all my fingers so it worked out.

If there is a blown light bulb at our place, my wife typically changes it.  She's a millennial.  Maybe there's hope after all.

swnsdigital.com and Plusnet contributed to this story.

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