Don't wrinkle your nose at those video games your kids have been playing all these years. Those kids may grow up to be just like the ones from Dakota State University (DSU) who developed a new 3D model of the human body.

According to a release from Sanford Health, Jordan Oberg, Luke Fleck, Bailey Belisario and Connor Ford from Dakota State University in Madison took home the $13,000 grand prize at the Sanford Health Tech Summit.

The four DSU students were recognized for their design of gaming tech that was completed in only 24 hours while competing against 13 other groups.

In an example told by Adam Emerson, product manager for Sanford Health Technology Solutions, the DSU team used a patient story.

Second place went to the team from Augustana University and third place awarded to a second Dakota State University team.

Source: Sanford Health

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