Country music legend LeRoy Van Dyke will forever be known for his 1956 signature hit 'The Auctioneer'. That self-penned smash is one of those songs that, when you hear it, you turn it up and...well, try to sing along!

But what many fans of country music may not know: That great classic was not LeRoy's biggest hit! In June of 1961, LeRoy released 'Walk On By', a song that went on to spend 37 weeks on the country chart (for those of us that are math-challenged, that's well over half a year!) and an incredible 19 weeks at number one. That's right, 19 weeks!

Oh, and just as a 'by the way' was also a Top five pop music hit and was named by Billboard magazine as the biggest country music record in history.

So whatever happened to this country music legend?

Well, the Mora, Missouri native and member of the National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame is 91 years young and lives in the west-central Missouri area. And while he is rightly known as 'The Auctioneer', it's hard to believe that 'Walk On By' is forgotten by some.

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