The Friday morning commute to work and school in Sioux Falls came with a misty start to the day and little bit of fog as well. When it comes to 'late August or Early September fog' Old Wives Tale followers start perking their ears up a bit. The saying is, expect the first snow 90 days after the first foggy morning.

We've kept track of this for a couple of years. About 10 years ago I had to slow down on a trip to Dakota Fest in Mitchell. When I finally arrived, Dr. Dave Barz from Northwest Veterinary Supply in Parkston said, we'll have snow in 90 days. Mark it on your calendar. I did. And 90 days later we were running the snow thrower here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Farmers Almanac does offer some good news that, in a way contradicts this 'old wives tale.' It says;

Summer fog means fair weather is on its way. Fog is made up of condensed water droplets which are the result of the air being cooled to the point where it can no longer hold water vapors. In the summer, the air can only cool enough if the night sky is clear enough that the heat can be radiated into space. If the night is cloudy, the clouds act as a blanket to keep it in. If you see a fog during the summer, it usually means that the next day will be clear. Here’s the rhyme:

Summer fog for fair,
A winter fog for rain.
A fact most everywhere,
In valley or on plain.

Make a note of it. If you're like me, you have predictions and things like this written on the calendar at work. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. In the meantime, I'm booking an appointment to get my snow thrower looked at so it's ready to go December 3, 2021 here in Sioux Falls.

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