If you happened to pick this past week to take a few days off here in South Dakota you win! The temperatures have been anywhere from mild to on the warm side but the highlight has been the wind. They've been down under 20 MPH for almost a week now. But be warned, that is about to change.

According to The National Weather Service; 

a more active weather pattern develops over the upcoming days, bringing multiple chances for rain to the northern United States into next week. The first chance of rain will be Saturday, October 9, 2021.

They went on to say that parts of the west could even be seeing the first snowfall of the season;

Several strong storm systems are forecast to move through the Western and Central U.S. this weekend into next week with much below normal temperatures and winter weather for the central and northern Rockies. This could be the first widespread snowfall of the season. Heavy rain and severe thunderstorms will be possible for portions of the Plains

With the rain and the changes coming through, expect some blustery conditions as well. That was the word from The National Weather Service, so I thought I'd take a look and see what The Old Farmers Almanac had to say about the next few weeks.

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They said. Gusty winds into the Northern Plains States for the week of October 8th through the 11TH. I happen to like to bow hunt, so I check their calendar every year. IF you were looking to catch a cruising buck 'before' the rut really kicks in, it looks like October 24TH through the 27TH might be a good day to spend a little time in the tree stand.

We've been wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts for a couple of weeks now, but it might be too long till we tuck them back in the closet for another year.

Some other sights I've noticed around the neighborhood, homeowners are lowering the deck on their mowers and starting to 'bring the lawn down' for the winter. And, if you hang out on your front porch this afternoon, chances are you'll see a lawn sprinkler or two being blown out. (if you haven't scheduled your blowout yet, get to it!)

Fall so far has been the sweetest season of the year here in South Dakota. At least for the first couple of weeks. It looks like things are going to change, though. So, get out as much as you can and enjoy it while it lasts.

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