All the construction phases are complete for the oldest public golf course in Sioux Falls. The layout is mostly familiar, but with fewer trees.

Removing that glorious timber was a necessary evil because of Elmwood Golf Course’s proximity to the runway at the airport. Federal Aviation Administration protocol was followed and all 27 holes are now open for play.

Dakota Golf Management’s Tom Jansa told KSOO News what awaits the hackers when they arrive.

“The East 9 is much different now. We have a tremendous layout and high quality conditions. It’s a less expensive option with no tee time required and designed to function much like it was before the renovation (as a learning course). The quality is substantially better.”

As far as the other 18 holes, Jansa noted less dramatic changes.

“Half of those holes were literally untouched from a design standpoint. The greens were reconstructed and reseeded. However the crews did a detailed mapping of the green surface so when all the old material came out, they reconstructed those surfaces down to a tenth of an inch of the original. The biggest difference is at the end of the runway with holes 10, 11, 16 and 18 those areas don’t have as many large trees anymore to provide a different feel.”

Even the golf hierarchy in the state wants to use Elmwood in a showcase event.

“Wade Merry from the SDGA was impressed with the North 9 changes,” said Jansa. “Before we could put a spade in the ground Merry wanted to bring the state Amateur Championship back to Elmwood in 2018.”

To welcome back the golfers to the full layout, special pricing will be in place at Elmwood Golf Course through Sunday (June 25). On the East Course the fee is $5 per round and $9 for 9 holes or $18 for 18 holes.

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