If it is January in Sioux Falls that means it is Downtown Burger Battle time!!!!

This year there are 24 burgers competing. Challenge accepted.

I've previously told you all about-

Next up is DaDa Gastropub's BURGER #5 – ATTN: It’s messy. The name could use some work.

DaDa Gastropub was formerly Icon Event Hall. I must say, I liked what they did with the place. The décor was very eclectic and fun. Nothing really matches, but because it's all different, it somehow still works together. Does that make sense?

My favorite was an old bowling alley chair/bench and some fun bowling pins as decoration. I love a good bowling reference.

Ok, enough about the ambiance, let's get to the burger.

The BURGER #5 – ATTN: It’s messy is described as, "Double bacon burger, white cheddar, egg, house pickles, DaDa Sauce, swirly fries."

I previously stated that the burger at Blarney Stone was the tallest, Dada's burger has now taken the title of the tallest.

I always like an egg on a burger and it was just the right amount of yolkiness. Even though I share the burgers with a friend, this was quite the endeavor with two patties! Plus, the height of the burger made it a little hard to eat. It took some maneuvering. You could definitely tell the pickles were homemade. Overall, the burger was really tasty!

I must say I was a little let down by the swirly fries. They were crunchy, but kind of tasted burnt.

This was my first time at the new DaDa Gastropub and I enjoyed the customer service and the whole vibe of the place. I'm not sure if they always do this, but they were sharing their 'elixir' for free. It was brandy that had orange peels soaking in it and then a touch of sugar. Dang was it good, but strong!

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