Dog owners and lovers are celebrating National Dog Day across the country by buying their pal a treat or posting multiple pictures on social media.  Just like you're showing your dog some love, dogs are giving us love back in a big way that helps us have a healthier heart.

Having a dog already boosts our mood.  But the Mayo Clinic recently reported that owning a dog or even other pets are linked to having better cardiovascular health.  The study was performed by cardiologist Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez of the Mayo Clinic.  He claims that people who have a dog are more likely to exercise on a regular bias.  He also adds that dog owners also seem to have a healthier diet and better sugar levels in their blood.

Any type of cardiovascular activity, such as walking or running, improves your heart health because it helps maintain your weight and controls your blood sugar. Dogs gives with a healthy mind and heart!

If you haven't already, go play with some puppies or take your dog for a long walk.  If you don't have dog, go outside for a walk or a long run.  Fall is in the air and we need to take advantage of the nice weather while we can!

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