It makes no difference if you are from "East River" or "West River", if you were born and raised in the state of South Dakota, there is a pretty good chance these thoughts have crossed your mind.

Speaking from experience, when I saw the list from, I had a difficult time choosing from just five of the 10 they had listed. So, I did a little soul-searching and a whole lot of "trying to remember way back when I was young" and chose five of the Top 10 Thoughts That Everyone From South Dakota Has When Growing Up.

Again, these are just five from their list that relates to me - the most. To see the entire list of Thoughts That Everyone From South Dakota Has When Growing Up, visit

After checking out their list and taking a trip back in time through your own memories, what are some thoughts may have forgotten?

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    When it starts snowing....

    ....every kid starts saying silent prayers that there will be a SNOW DAY the next day! And when the alarm goes off in the morning, kids would automatically turn on the radio and patiently wait to find out if their school would get a mention of either starting late or closing all together.

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    During the long, hot and humid summer.... would start to miss the SNOW DAYS from winter!

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    When you were growing up in South Dakota....

    ....all you could think about was "getting out of this boring state!" I'm sure at one time or another, every kid in South Dakota has had big dreams of moving to where there was "stuff to do!"

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    After taking a vacation to that "someplace that had stuff to do".... remembered just how much you missed "home".

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    When swimming in a lake or river....

    ....wait! Something just touched my leg! What just touched my leg?! (Shout out to Roy Lake, Clear Lake and the North Bridge on the Jim River!) After that thought would happen, I would frantically come flying out of the water, only to have my mom say, "It was probably just a stick or a weed. Go back in." Really, mom? I know it couldn't have been a stick or a weed! (Shout out to some sort of turtle or weird fish that moved on after deciding I wasn't quite tasty enough to actually bite!)