Heartthrob comedian Matt Rife has been bringing his "ProbleMATTic World Tour" across the nation, including in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Matt Rife just performed an epic show in Minnesota and...it was pretty nutty! Matt is known for his crowd work during his performances. Let's just say during his comedy set, Matt Rife met some interesting Minnesotans.

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Disclaimer: Some language or context may be inappropriate for younger readers. Reader's discretion is advised. 

At some point during Matt Rife's Minnesota show, he randomly asked the audience if anyone had ever been to prison. To his surprise, someone sitting in the first row was in prison for multiple drug charges! As a joke, Matt asked this audience member if he brought "any for the rest of the class." Needless to say, the open conversation led to a shocking discovery of the amount of kids this fan has.

Matt Rife posted a video of this encounter on Facebook to show his fanbase that this show was a "wild night in Minneapolis." Again...this Facebook video does have adult language and context. It's probably a good idea to watch this without children around.

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The craziest part about this video is the random Minnesota fan asking for Matt Rife's hat! In the Facebook video, it was pretty apparent that she would do anything to get that hat. But she got roasted by Matt instead!

"Can I have your hat, Matt?"

"What'd you say? (Matt looks confused)"

"I want your hat!" 

"You want my hat??" 

"Because I loveeee wearing hats!" 

"Why would you want a hat when you have a perfectly good wig?"

Matt did not give his hat to the Minnesota woman in the crowd. BUT some other Minnesotan offered Matt $1,000 for his hat. Without hesitation, Matt took the offer!

Welcome to the Midwest, Matt! Thanks for the wild Minnesota memories.

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