A Colorado dog, whose name is Sundance, delivers groceries to his elderly neighbor every single day. This is what the elderly neighbor has to say about Sundance.

Sundance aka Sunny the dog is one good boy who lives in Manitou Springs. His neighbor, Renee, has COPD and other medical conditions, according to KPTV.  Renee says that her neighbors, Karen (Sunny's owner) and Sunny are great neighbors who watch out for her.

Karen trained Sunny to go and fetch Renee's grocery list and bring it back to her. Then whenever she gets the groceries, Sunny will take grab the plastic bags with his mouth and deliver them to Renee.

Sunny's owner, Karen, says that Sunny is very special to her and that she'd be lost without him. She says that because Sunny helps her so much, she wanted him to help other people and that's exactly what he did. Karen is very proud of her very good boy, Sunny.

Both Renee and Karen agreed that it goes to show that it's not only humans that can help right now, but pets can also too, according to KPTV. Sunny has been delivering Renee's groceries for the past few weeks now. Renee is very grateful for Sunny and loves watching him making trips back and forth.

Karen and Sunny are amazing and I'm glad to see people and animals alike helping each other out. Sunny is glad for the extra treats and attention.

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