How many times have you heard a friend brag about the size of fish they caught? As time goes on, the fish always seems to get bigger and bigger, right? But in this case, the fish really was that big, and we have the stats to back it up.

How big is the biggest fish ever caught in the Mount Rushmore State? What kind was it? And where in South Dakota was it snatched? We've got the details here.

When it comes to the biggest fish snagged in South Dakota, it's no doubt the paddlefish. According to an article from a few years back from the Rapid City Journal, Bill Harmon caught the biggest fish ever recorded in the state on May 17, 2014, in Lake Francis Case, near the Fort Randall Dam.

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Credit: TulsaWorld via YouTube
Credit: TulsaWorld via YouTube

The website, Southeastern Outdoors also has several records on its website for the state of South Dakota. The largest it lists was also a paddlefish, once again caught near the Fort Randall Dam, this time back in April of 1979.

Southeastern Outdoors lists the largest non-paddlefish caught as the Blue Catfish, which weighed in at a massive 97 pounds, way back in 1959 on the Missouri River. A slightly larger Blue Catfish was caught a few years later on the Missouri River, in 1964. This one was 100 pounds, 1 ounce.

You can see the full lists of all of the largest fish caught in South Dakota history from the Rapid City Journal, here. Also, check out the in-depth list of all the largest fish ever caught in the Mont Rushmore State here.

Story Source: Rapid City Journal

Story Source: Southeastern Outdoors

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