Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says the City of Sioux Falls has been scammed out of money for work done by a legitimate business.  After the work was completed, a scammer, posing as that business changed their address on file and later billed the city for the work, which was paid.

On Wednesday (May 2), the legitimate business contacted the city to inquire about the payment, and that was when both discovered the scam.

The city won’t reveal at this time the dollar amount from the scam, nor will they reveal the type of vendor.

The scam is considered a federal crime.  The FBI and City of Sioux Falls began working together on the investigation Thursday (May 3).

The suspects could have tapped public information, and could be abroad or local.  Contact with the city was via e-mail.  Tracing of the interactions online are underway.

The City of Sioux Falls is insured for fraudulent scams.

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