(Note: Hey, before you go any further, just to make it fun, go ahead and jot down your Top Ten South Dakota cities. A bonus 'pat on the back' if you get them in the correct order)

OK, you're from South Dakota. Or you've lived in South Dakota for years and years. You know everything there is to know about the Sunshine State. You've visited every nook and cranny, traveled border to border (and border to border). So this should be an easy one, right?

Can you name South Dakota's 10 biggest cities? Of course, 'city' may be a relative term. What is a city in South Dakota is probably a village on the coast, east or west. But for our purposes here, we'll call all ten 'city'.

Now, I know you've probably got the top two down stone-cold. In fact, let's just give them to you. Yeah, yeah, Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Even an old bald doofus like me can get those two. And I'll do ya even one better, and just go ahead and drop in number three...Aberdeen.

But OK, now it might start getting tricky. There's only a thousand or so folks difference between four and five, with Brookings edging out Watertown, at least for now.

Get off I-29 and onto I-90 and you'll find our sixth largest city, Mitchell. Coming in not far behind, at number seven, is Yankton, with the state Capital Pierre sliding into number eight.

With over 13,000 friendly folks, Huron holds down the ninth spot...and then it gets tight in the race for number ten.

In the 2010 census Vermillion had 77 more citizens than Spearfish, which puts it at number ten. But, but, but...

Several sites like South Dakota Demographics, Homesnacks and World Population Review now put Spearfish ahead of USD's home, and that makes Spearfish number 10.

So Vermillion, you have your work cut out for you before the official 2020 census.

Oh, and by the way Brandon and Box Elder are knocking on the 'Top Ten Door', and Harrisburg may just have something to say about it before long, too.

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